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Wyoming Pathfinder Podcast

Offering information and insight to recreationalists of all skill levels, these exciting weekly episodes will explore the many outdoor recreational opportunities and locations across the state as we highlight everything from cross country skiing and biking trails, to local gear shops and non-profit organizations to outdoor events and happenings!

Our Latest Episode:

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Easy How-tos:

Are you new to the outdoors? Check out our sweet and simple "how-to" segments to ease you into outdoor recreation with peace of mind!

How to Watch Wildlife Safely:

How to Poop in the Wild:

How to Pitch a Tent:

How to Get Lost:

How to Keep Your Stuff Safe:

How to Make a Survival Kit:

How to Make a Winter Survival Kit For Your Car:

How to Make Water Drinkable:

How to Travel Safely On Ice:

How to Face the Unexpected:

How to Choose a Campsite:

How to Prevent Frostbite:

How to Read a Paper Map:

How to Release Your Pet From a Trap Or Snare:

How to Share the Trail:

How to Snowshoe:

How to Watch Wildlife Safely:

How to Plan an Outdoor Adventure: