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Wyoming’s Outdoor Recreation Office will strive to enhance and expand the outdoor recreation industry and improve outdoor recreation infrastructure/access within the beautiful state of Wyoming.


Goals and Projects for 2018 through 2019


  1. Web/Application Map Creation:
    To coalesce all outdoor recreation services, amenities, and businesses into a website with one-stop shopping in order to connect recreationists to all opportunities throughout Wyoming.
  2. Promote Wyoming as an Outdoor Recreation Destination and Place to do Business:  
    Work directly with other state agencies such as Wyoming Business Council, Wyoming Office of Tourism, Workforce Services and Game and Fish to recruit outdoor recreation businesses to expand or move to Wyoming. Promote Wyoming to consumers as THE STATE to visit for all things outdoor recreation. Attend trade shows and consumer shows as well as direct business contacts.
  3. Outdoor Recreation Collaboratives:
    Improve local recreation economies by facilitating community stakeholder discussions. Make sure communities are aware of resources and opportunities to improve amenities and attract business based on local assets.
  4. Outdoor Recreation Events:
    Work with communities and other agencies to create and promote outdoor recreation events. Engage the public in these events with the goal of positively impacting local economies.
  5. Utilization of Recreation Action Team (REACT):
    Use this group of state, federal, and other agencies to develop strategies and meet the overall goals/recommendations of the Outdoor Recreation Office. Initial focus will be on streamlining of permits, planning process and implementing projects within gateway communities.
  6. Creation of Governor’s Sub-Cabinet:
    Explore ways to help the Office of Outdoor Recreation achieve overall goals and help implement approved Outdoor Recreation

    Task Force Recommendations. Utilize all executive branch resources to enhance outdoor recreation, increase communication, and understand all agency roles.


How We Got Here

Governor Matt Mead announced a new initiative to promote the outdoor recreational industry in Wyoming this year. The Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources will work with private and public stakeholders to develop recommendations to grow Wyoming’s strong outdoor recreation economy.

“Wyoming has world-class opportunities for hunting, fishing, photography and other outdoor recreation. Many of our fondest memories are with friends and family in the outdoors,” said Governor Mead. “The Task Force will build on the considerable work already done and offer ideas to improve outdoor recreation opportunities, marketing and business recruitment.”

Wyoming has seen its outdoor business sector grow in recent years. A 2012 Outdoor Industry Association report found that outdoor recreation in Wyoming generates approximately $4.5 billion annually in consumer spending, $1.4 billion in wages and salaries, $300 million in state and local tax revenue and creates 50,000 jobs. The Governor has championed Wyoming’s outdoor economy since taking office in 2011.

The Outdoor Recreation Task Force will meet 5 times between December 2016 and May 2017 to develop policy recommendations for Governor Matt Mead’s consideration. Recommendations may include principles to guide and identify the benefits of outdoor recreation, outline efforts to expand business opportunities and improve recreation infrastructure in the state's second largest industry.


Reports released on Outdoor Recreation.

  1. Outdoor Recreation Task Force Report

  2. Wyoming Business Council Industry Report

  3. Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force Report

  4. Wyoming Outfitting and Guides Association


Economic Information:

  1. Outdoor Industry Association Report

  2. Outdoor Industry Report: Wyoming Congressional District at Large

  3. Wyoming Big Game Report

  4. BEA: Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account: Prototype Statistics for 2012-2016

  5. Outdoor Recreation Industry Roundtable


The Office of Outdoor Recreation has partnered with the Wyoming Office of Tourism, Wyoming Business Council, Wyoming Game and Fish, Wyoming Outfitting and Guides Association, and Wyoming Workforce Services. Each of one these offices provide unmatched expertise in their field and, when these agencies work together they can better organize existing resources that play a role in outdoor recreation.




Dave Glenn - Deputy Director, Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Office & State Parks