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Celia Karim - Outdoor Recreation Specialist

Celia grew up in Sacramento, California where she got to go on outdoor adventures every weekend. In high school, she continued her love for sharing the outdoors by working as a naturalist assistant at a local nature preserve and began teaching new backpackers the “Leave No Trace” 

way with High Adventure Girl Scouts. Celia moved to Laramie 6 years ago for the chance to explore new scenery and continue the cellist lifestyle while attending the University of Wyoming.

During her time as a UW student, Celia spent her breaks outdoors with solar PV roof installations, studying socio-environmental topics abroad, traveling to different trails while working remotely for the UW-NPS collab, and serving as a volunteer with AmeriCorps in the Wyoming Conservation Corps twice. She has a bachelor’s in Environmental Systems Science and in Environment and Natural Resources, a minor in Sustainability, and a graduate certificate in Remote Sensing from UW.


As an OREC Specialist, Celia is excited to learn more about Wyoming’s outdoor opportunities and help others get outside.


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